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Residential Lawn Maintenance Apex

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance Apex. Commercial Lawn Maintenance Raleigh. Residential Lawn Maintenance Cary. Residential Lawn Maintenance Apex. Residential Lawn Maintenance Raleigh. Whatever vision you have for your residential or commercial outdoor property, Landscape Solutions can make it a reality. And if you just want something beautiful but aren’t sure exactly what that means for you, we can help create a design that matches your taste, style, and budget. From maintaining your existing landscaping to making what you have more functional to expanding your living space with an outdoor kitchen or living area, we’ll elevate your outside experience.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Apex

In most situations in life, good things come to those who wait. But let’s be honest…who doesn’t love some instant gratification? No patience required—just want a thing, then get-er-done.

Did you know that your yard is one of those areas where you can actually enjoy the fruits of “I want it now!” (without turning into human blueberry)?

Unlike the arid topography of the desert West or the 10-months-of-snow climates along the northern U.S., North Carolina—especially the Raleigh, Cary, and greater Triangle area—has awesome conditions for growing grass. Our four seasons typically balance temperatures and moisture quite nicely. But establishing (or re-establishing) a lawn from seed takes a lot of effort and time. Plus, you if the sky doesn’t provide ample watering, there’s also the expense of ongoing sprinkler use—and knowing just the right amount. It’s a headache waiting to happen. (Not to mention that pesky impatience crouching at the door.)

Sod—or natural turf—is a fast way to establish a high-quality lawn. With a wide range of grass varieties based on your specific location, soil, and yard, you can establish a disease-free yard to start with, so it’s easier to keep the grass healthy. And be sure that your turf installer knows what they’re doing! Without a precise seaming method, your natural turf will look more like a patchwork quilt, which leads only to frustration. But done right, sod quickly transforms your yard into a lush playground for kids and dogs…or even a piece of art to be seen and not touched. (To each his/her own!)

But there are those individuals who not only want to grab hold of the insta-lawn sensation, but also don’t want (or have time for) the ongoing maintenance required to sustain that satisfying result.

In this situation, artificial (or synthetic) turf is a distinct modern option that requires no harmful chemicals and no mowing. Before you start thinking about (and perhaps remembering that special skin-burn of) old-school AstroTurf, know that the technology has come a long way, including many length choices to elevate look and function. It’s always green, regardless of rainfall, and both kids and dogs love it. Although synthetic turf doesn’t need weekly mows, or even monthly lawn treatments, there is an optional annual infill maintenance (twice if you have pets) that will help keep the lawn looking as fresh as new. Again, just be sure you choose the right artificial turf installer who will ensure your yard doesn’t end up looking like a 1980s putt-putt golf course.

When you’re ready for a lawn transformation, trust Landscape Solutions for natural or synthetic turf installation in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and throughout the Triangle.

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