Communication is our solution.

Many of us have been frustrated by a poor customer experience, whether from a restaurant, retailer, or service provider—more in recent years than ever before. Unfortunately, the landscape industry is notorious for a not-so-stellar communication, responsiveness, and follow-through.

At Landscape Solutions, we do what we say we’ll do—the definition of integrity. We deliver quick, accurate estimates, show up as promised, and complete projects on time and on budget. During every job, we’ll have project management onsite, every day, ensuring the work is correct and you are satisfied. In addition to our experienced, dedicated staff, we partner with regional experts for special projects like pergolas, decking, and botanicals.

You can trust Landscape Solutions. We’re setting a new standard in the industry.

Our Team

Daniel Coutcher


Landscaping chose me. I truly feel called to be in this industry, operate this company, and lead the young men on my team. After working in this business for two years, I realized how obsessed I’d become—in a good way! Whether I was visiting a friend’s house, at a retail center, or sitting at a stoplight, I found myself assessing the landscaping around me. My team is dedicated, willing to endure the heat and cold to get every job done. And I’m committed to be right there alongside them. It’s important that this is a career path for them, where they’re able to provide for their families. Landscape Solutions is not the typical landscape company. It’s a healthy place work emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And it’s a true blessing to me.


My favorite plant is Camellia Japonica, especially because my oldest daughter is named Camilla, and every time I see it, I think of her and smile.

Thomas Maldonado


The founder of Landscape Solutions, Thomas Maldonado, has moved on from the business of cultivating the ground to the ministry of tending the heart. Here’s a message from Thomas about what he’s doing now.


During the early years of this business, I encountered something I’d been told about most of my childhood but never believed: the all-encompassing and undeniable love of Jesus. This lifegiving, real-time interactive relationship changed everything for me. I started working with the homeless, lost, and forgotten people of society. It struck me that this business could be used as a way of discipling men, not only giving them a job but also an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Our mission became: “Taming the earth and making disciples. Planting seeds of the Gospel to produce fruit for eternity.” It was a joy to work and sweat making a difference in the lives of our customers our employees—and, most importantly, working “as unto the Lord”.


In 2020, I stepped out in obedience and opened a prayer room in our home, a safe place set apart for prayer, worship, and encountering Jesus. Today, it’s become a lifestyle of helping people and communities to invite Jesus to tend the garden of their hearts.


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