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School Artificial Turf Installer

Playground Artificial Turf Installer Raleigh

Playground Artificial Grass Installer

Daycare Artificial Turf Installer Cary. School Artificial Turf Installation Raleigh. School Artificial Turf Installer Cary. Playground Artificial Turf Installer Raleigh. Playground Artificial Grass Installer. Sod is a fast means to a high-quality, disease-resistant grass, with a wide range of varieties based on client needs. We have a proprietary method of seaming the turf that minimizes seam visibility, which sets us apart from other companies. Artificial turf is a distinct modern option that requires no harmful chemicals and no mowing, just annual maintenance. The technology has come a long way in turf, including many length choices to optimize look and function. It’s always green, regardless of rainfall, and both kids and dogs love it.

Daycare Artificial Turf Installer Cary, School Artificial Turf Installation Raleigh, Cary, Playground Artificial Turf Installer Raleigh, Cary

Who doesn’t love to look out across a lush, green lawn? No matter your age, you probably think about how great it would be to run, play, or just lie down to bask in the thick yard. And when a carpet of freshly cut grass is the foundation for kids’ outdoor adventures at school, on the playground, or at daycare, well, you can almost hear the giggles and screams of delight.

Except when it’s wet. And muddy. And the brittle weeds stick up. Or when there are holes to trip over. And the biting, stinging bugs attack. Oh yeah, there are those allergies. Suddenly the visions of happy children fade from your mind.

What if kids could run, jump, and play on a soft blanket of turf without trapsing inside with muddy shoes? What if the terrain was always even and provided a soft landing when the inevitable fall happens? What if every child could play outside without worrying about sneezing and sniffing due to grass allergies? They can with artificial turf!

Although your mind may flash back to that short, rough AstroTurf from the past, this is definitely not that! Today’s artificial (synthetic) turf looks and feels like natural grass. It even comes in different lengths and textures. Because it’s made with hypoallergenic materials, there’s no risk of exchanging nature allergies for manmade ones. Plus, some of today’s turf solutions are designed not to retain heat, so be sure to consider all the latest options. With the right artificial turf installer doing the job, the play area is instantly beautiful (and it stays that way, regardless of the number of kids, the hours of play, or the weather).

What are the benefits of artificial turf at daycares, schools, and playgrounds?

  • Safety – With an underlying cushioning, today’s artificial turf means fewer cuts, abrasions, and injuries.
  • Weatherproof – Kids can go out and play no matter the season, because artificial turf isn’t weather-dependent to be play-ready. It won’t get too muddy, wash away, or get ruined by the elements.
  • Low maintenance – No need to spend time each month mowing, weeding, replacing sprinklers, etc. All that’s required is once-a-year upkeep.
  • Cost-saving – Because artificial turf doesn’t require the type of maintenance a natural surface (lawn, woodchips, gravel, sand, etc.) demands, your school, daycare, municipality will save a ton of money!
  • Durable – Installation is fast, and today’s artificial turf lasts 20 years. So, you can just set it and focus on watching the kids have fun.

But like any landscape project, you’ve got to have an experienced and knowledgeable artificial turf installer. So, if you’re in Raleigh, Cary, or anywhere in the Triangle, trust Landscape Solutions to do the job right. If we can help make your daycare, school, or playground safer and more fun with artificial turf, please contact

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