Next-level form and function

Whatever vision you have for your residential or commercial outdoor property, Landscape Solutions can make it a reality. And if you just want something beautiful but aren’t sure exactly what that means for you, we can help create a design that matches your taste, style, and budget. From maintaining your existing landscaping to making what you have more functional to expanding your living space with an outdoor kitchen or living area, we’ll elevate your outside experience.


Proper maintenance ensures the health and aesthetics of a property’s landscaping and adds value. Site maintenance also prevent issues that may otherwise go unnoticed, thereby causing costly damage or even plant and tree death. Gaps in care can increase recovery time, which also increases expense. Consistency through the seasons equals standout properties.


• Grass cutting, edging, blowing & weed eating

• Mulching & pine straw 

• Pruning

• Tree canopy height & hedge trimming

• Aeration, over-seeding & top dressing

• Hedge management


Well-tended plants are wonderful conversation starters, and they make a good impression whether around a home or business. Plus, looking at beautiful things simply makes you feel good. Once a planting or pruning is complete, there’s a sense of immediate gratification. Although most large landscape companies tend to have planting templates that are used repeatedly, we work with each client to determine a completely unique approach to the project.


• Tree removal & stump grinding

• Tree, shrub & grass planting

• Landscape design

• Berm Planting


Viewing God’s vibrant creation brings joy. Beautifying your landscaping with planters or a garden delivers lasting enjoyment over time—with no diminishing returns if they’re well maintained. Gardens can also provide function, both environmental (attracting or repelling creatures) and sustenance (food for your family).


• Flower & food gardens

• Decorative planters & pots

• Raised garden beds

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At Landscape Solutions, we bring a client’s vision for their property to life. Whether it’s a gathering place, a recreation space, a place to cook, or a place for entertainment, we work together to create an experience. For hardscapes of any kind, the beauty of God-made natural stone cannot be matched, as its soft tones organically complement most outdoor environments. Manufactured pavers, however, are a bold choice, demanding attention through modern contrasts, unique shapes, and colors that invoke individuality, creativity, and independence.


• Retaining walls, decorative walls & seat walls

• Paver patios, natural stone steps, permeable pavers

• Outdoor kitchens

• Fireplaces & fire pits

• Metal and stone edging

• Wood construction (pergolas, decks, privacy structures, etc.)

• Landscape lighting


Water always wins. (Do we need to bring up the Flood?) We know it is of pivotal importance to get water issues under control as quickly as possible to prevent a small issue from becoming something of Biblical proportions. When you need to get your water under control by burying downspouts, handling standing water with surface drain boxes or a French drain, or redesigning your storm drain system because of erosion, we are here to help. Beyond drainage, we can also remedy bigger issues with grading to keep water away from the foundation or reworking the entire property’s grade based on your landscaping needs.


• French drains and gravel drains

• Surface drain boxes and PVC drainage

• French drainage system repair

• Rough and finish grading

• RotaDairon

• Soil berms


Sod is a fast means to a high-quality, disease-resistant grass, with a wide range of varieties based on client needs. We have a proprietary method of seaming the turf that minimizes seam visibility, which sets us apart from other companies. Artificial turf is a distinct modern option that requires no harmful chemicals and no mowing, just annual maintenance. The technology has come a long way in turf, including many length choices to optimize look and function. It’s always green, regardless of rainfall, and both kids and dogs love it.


• Natural sod installation

• Synthetic turf installation

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We can’t strike a rock and make water flow out of it, but we can drill a hole and pump water through it! Adding the sound of running water is the ultimate finishing detail to any outdoor project. Fountains and water features are not only lovely to look at, they provide a peaceful and relaxing sound element to your property. Plus, these unique features can also be used to cover unwanted noise in and around your environment.


• Natural stone fountains

• Basalt columns fountains

• Water basin systems

Want to transform your outdoor space? We can help.